Jan 22, 2010

The Miner

Finally! "The Miner" has entered the building! Sorry folks no sideburns...Anyways it took awhile doing this one, I wanted alot of detail in it. On the frontier, I don't think seamstress came along for sometime, so the miners/gold panners made do. Make shift patches and even missing buttons. Well worn and wrinkled, this outfit even comes with a dirty hand layer (gloves) I researched the fabric used back then, his shirt is Gingham, undershirt (union suit long john waffle fabric) along with brown woolen pants. In photos they were in layers of clothing, with sleeves up high and looked like they hadn't seen a bathtub in a month. (Boots are NOT included)

But this outfit is different from the others...he comes with a pickaxe. Not just any old pickaxe, done by the talented Mr Claytanic Kunglerr of Deadwood. It is fully scripted and has some great animations. Not only can you mine with it, but if you happen to venture to Deadwood role play sim, you can use it as a melee weapon as well! Now if you dont have enough for a gun, being a hard workin miner you can still protect yourself...or well...maybe just kill someone and steal their nuggets instead...

This outfit can be versatile and not just be used as a miner (gold panner), can be fit for a farmer, ranch hand, outlaw, a drifter...etc..etc


  1. A great looking outfit Glen. Good work.

  2. Your 'added extras' should hike that price up considerably. However, it's nice to see designers like yourself understanding of people's financial situations. Very nice work, both you and Mr. Kungler.